Looking to make your product stand out? | Lakeview Switches


Lakeview provides the most abundant illuminated button switches in the industry and illuminated tactile switches and programmable LCD \ OLED switches.

Light sources include one-color, two-color, RGB LED and IC control RGB LED.

In addition, caps with different materials and shapes can be selected according to customers' needs to achieve a perfect match with customers' final products.

Looking to make your product stand out? | Lakeview Switches
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Looking to make your product stand out?

We can help! Speak to our Sales Engineers today and discuss the potential possibilities of how our PCB and Panel Mount electro-mechanical components can be customised to suit your design.

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Here is an example of all the potential possibilities. Many of our metal push button switches and PCB switches can be customised to suit your design. 

If you require our switches to be customised, please speak with our Sales Engineers who can advise on the design.

Our PCB switches can support custom legends, finishes which include the colour of the cap and LED illumination and even the stamp of the shapes. 

Our panel mount switches can be stamped or laser etching, a variety of finishes such a black anodised, brass finishing, coloured metals, LED illumination (select from dot, ring or custom symbol) and wiring, including connectors.

PCB Switch Options

LCD/OLED Display Push Button Switches

LED Illuminated Push Button Switches

LED Illuminated Tactile Button Switches

Custom Etching

Wiring & Connectors 

Panel Mount Switch Options


1.Audio & Video



4.Communication Equipment

5.Medical Equipment

6.Industrial Appliances

7.Domestic Appliances

8.Commercial / Retail outlets

9.Commercial Lifts and Doors

10.Interior Lighting system

11.Door Entry & Security

12.Electrical Beauty Equipment

These are just some of the examples of the types of electrical appliances that our electromechanical components are used within.

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